All JDPS students use the cafeteria. Breakfast and hot lunches can be purchased at reasonable rates. Students who bring their lunch can purchase milk during the lunch hour. Courteous behavior and cleanliness are required in the dining room. Lunch monies can be paid at the office. Parents may pay any amount toward the student’s lunch account. Free and reduced lunch applications are available at the Primary or District Office. At no time are students allowed to take food outside the cafeteria.

-Should a student wish to eat at the Eagle’s Roost, a parent must check them out in the office and accompany them. Older siblings and friends are not to purchase candy, soda, etc. for primary students.

-Parents or guardians may come into the office and sign their student out during lunch. Parents should return students back to the office so their time in can be recorded on the sign out sheet. Students need to be back by the time lunch recess ends.