Parents are strongly urged to attend to the cleanliness, modesty, and appropriateness of their student’s school attire. The building principal for school or school activities may specify further rules and regulations concerning dress. The principal will make the final determination to whether a student’s dress or appearance is acceptable. This determination will be based on the philosophy and rationale of the dress code. The principal has the authority to allow items for special occasions or special circumstances to be worn. Students who violate the dress code may be subject to warning or a call to parents for appropriate clothing. Students are requested to wear clothes that are modest and appropriate for the school setting. The school requires that students do not dress in a way as to detract or disrupt the educational process.

-Hair must be clean and groomed and not present a hazard to the health and safety of the student or to others in school. Hair must be a "natural color".

-No body jewelry (body piercing) may be worn except in the ear.

-Any clothing, belts, jewelry, or other items suggest identification with the drug cul-ture are not permitted. Any gang apparel, jewelry, hat or hair ornaments that suggest gang affiliation are strictly forbidden and will be confiscated. Having lewd, vulgar or suggestive statements or pictures, or anything with racist slurs are prohibited. Jewelry shall not be worn if it presents a safety hazard to self and/or others. This includes the inappropriate use of straight or safety pins.

-Shorts and skirts are permitted if they are no more than 5 1/2 inches above the mid-dle of the kneecap.

-All shirts must have sleeves. No spaghetti straps, tank tops, see through clothing, bare midriff shirts, short tops (belly shirts) without proper undergarments. (Tee-shirt should be worn underneath) Any garments allowing undergarments to show is not be worn.

-Shoes are to be worn at all times. We do not allow flip-flops or shoes that easily fall off the feet to be worn at school. Sandals that buckle around the ankles will be allowed.

-Caps and sunglasses (unless they are prescription) are not to be worn unless we have a special day and a note is sent home. Beanies will be allowed in the cold winter months to help our students stay healthy.

-Excessively baggy or sagging pants are prohibited. All waistlines of the pants are to be worn on a person’s waist. Pants that are two more inches larger than the measured waist size will be considered excessively baggy. Under garments should not be ex-posed . Pants with the seat worn or cut may not be worn to school.

-Shirts are to be no longer than the main knuckle of the hand as the arm hangs nor-mally at the side. Students who wear shirts what are too long will be asked to tuck them in.

Any violation of dress code in one or more of the following: (1) a phone call home for proper clothing to be brought to school, (2) the student changing into proper clothing they may already have available, (3) If clothing is not available or able to be brought from home we will ask the parent to make arrangement for clothing to be brought to school.