When a student is absent, the parent of said student should call the school that morning. If you are unable to call the school, send a note with the student upon their return to school. The school may call and check on students any time we feel there is a need. Excessive absences without good reason may warrant a Truancy Officer being called.

Excused Absence

Those caused by unavoidable circumstances, such as student illness, funeral, dentist or doctor appointments, or other emergencies which may arise. Each of the absences should be followed by a note or phone call from the parent. After a student is absent for more than ten days in one semester a Doctor’s note for verification of illness may be requested for each absent.

Unexcused Absence

Those absences in which the student and parent had a choice. An unexcused absence does not allow for work to be made up unless arrangements are made with the teacher prior to the absence. Exam-ples are: shopping, pleasure trips, vacations, hunting, etc. 

Academic Deficiency make-up Time

If the student does not complete an assignment, time will be provided to complete that assignment. The teacher will arrange this time.