Student Conference:

A formal conference is held between the student and one or more school officials. During this conference the student must agree to his/her behavior. This conference will be logged and documented.

Parent Notification:

Telephone, personal contact, or letter regarding disciplinary infractions on a timely basis notifies Parent(s).

Parent conference:

A conference may be conducted between the student, his/her parent(s) and appropriate school personnel.

Required Parent Conference:

The student will be suspended until a parent or guardian is able to meet with the Principal and student.

Time Out:

The student will be placed in a "time out" area until behavior is under control.

In-School Suspension:

The student is suspended from class, but remains at school during these class periods.


The student is informed that he/she is liable for replacement, repair, or monetary reimbursement for the damage to property.

Removal from Extracurricular Activities:

The Principal informs the student that he/she will not be permitted to participate in Field days, music, field trips, and/or school sponsored activities. The duration of removal may be brief or long term.

Behavioral Contract:

The student is placed on a contract that lists the disciplinary consequences that will be used for future behavior problems. The principal, student, and parent(s) sign this contract.

Work Detail:

The student will be given a work assignment (sweeping sidewalks, picking up papers, raking, etc.)

School Suspension:

The student will be removed from the school environment for a period not to exceed nine (9) days. A parent conference is required upon the student’s return to school.

Long-Term Suspension:

The student will be referred to the Superintendent of Schools for a possible removal from the school environ-ment for the remainder of the school year.


The student will be referred to the Governing Board of Thatcher Schools for a possible permanent removal from the school environment.