One person per swing, seated not standing, no jumping out of, (bailing out), swings straight. Students should not run under (underdogs), or twisting of swings. Swings are to be used properly, not wrapped about tip pipe (twisted over).


Student is to sit down before going down the slide feet first, no standing/running down or sliding on knees, or running up the slide. Sand and rock thrown on the surface is dangerous- such items do not improve ability to slide down. Ropes should not be hung anywhere from the slide.


Students are not to walk or sit on the top of the bars. Chicken fights are not allowed!


Student should not stand on the top.

Wall Ball:

Is not allowed!

Other Concerns:

Due to congestion, balls and jump ropes are not allowed in breezeway.

Students should play on the field or playground and not between the wings and between Room 8 and K-1. The throwing of rocks, sand, dirt, sticks, or grass is dangerous- violation of Conduct Code.

Basketball standards are to be used for basketball- not hanging from.

Should a soccer game be in progress the second one should move to another area as not to intermingle.

All students should respect red lines and stay behind unless given permission to cross.